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Game Fire

In addition to speeding up your games, this program allows you to choose every change made on your PC

Game Fire is a tool that allows the analysis and configuration of the operating system to standards that increase the performance of the computer when running your favorite games.

In addition, it has features to defragment the folders in which the games are stored, allowing the OS to read the files for the installed games faster.

This software even helps you to monitor the general functioning of the PC. If your main activity in the computer is to play, then it is best to devote the full potential of processing the machine to gaming, ensuring the best possible experience. Do it with Game Fire in a simple, agile way and without spending anything.

Attention during installation

During installation, Game Fire offers additional toolbars for your browser, which have no influence on its operation. If you did not want to fill your browser with useless resources, uncheck the “Stay connected and install Smart PC Utilities Toolbar” and “Boost computer performance and security for free” dialog boxes. Once this is done, proceed normally with the application implementation.

Games accelerated!

Unlike other programs that improve the performance of your computer for games by making automatic changes, Game Fire does not make any changes without your consent. This allows you to customize the intensity of the transformation on your machine and do not be surprised by unwanted changes.

At the bottom of the window is the “Switch to Gaming Mode” button. When you click it for the first time, you are instructed to choose which Windows services you want to disable.

Available options include shutting down windows transparency and 3D effects, reducing screen colors, suspending the OS indexing system, closing Windows Media Center services, limiting support for printers, camera digital and other external devices and changing the platform theme to classic mode.

Always remember to enable your preferences before running your games so that they run with maximum PC performance. By clicking “Switch to Normal Mode”, you return to the original operating system settings.

The other tools in Game Fire are:

  • System Status: monitors the use of key machine components such as processor, RAM and storage disk usage. This function does not allow any changes;
  • Applications: allows you to monitor and close the active processes of the computer, as well as the Windows Task Manager itself. Attention! Shutting down essential activities can destabilize the system;
  • Files Defragment: Instead of defragmenting the entire hard disk, this feature defragments only the folders that you indicate. Running it on the directory where your games were installed can help reduce loading time, for example.

Shortcuts provided

In addition, Game Fire offers a section called “Windows Tools,” with shortcuts to various operating system configuration features such as visual effects, OS-initiated programs, and preferences for the monitor, mouse, keyboard, and joypad. Finally, the program adds an icon in the Notification area, next to the clock, by which you can access all the menus offered by it.

Our Opinion on Game Fire

The main difference of the Game Fire in relation to the other programs of the genre is that it does not make any change without its consent. If on the one hand this can be more laborious, on the other hand it avoids headaches with unwanted changes.

This also ends up necessitating an intermediate level of Windows settings. In addition, the lack of support for languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English can make life difficult for those who do not speak English.

The application interface has a compelling look, but what stands out most in it is its organization. Well-targeted menus and large, easy-to-understand buttons provide pleasant interaction.

Apart from changes in the PC’s operation, Game Fire looks for updates to its drivers, offers additional downloads and directs you to system tools. Thus, this program is characterized as a very complete tool.

Although it does not promote any drastic changes in your system, Game Fire helps to unlock the features of the machine. The performance gain varies with the computer and is most evident on less robust machines.

As it does not compromise the operating system, it does not cost anything to experience what this application has to offer.

Pros & Cons


  • All changes require your consent
  • Monitors machine activities
  • Organized interface


  • A bit of work interaction
  • Requires some knowledge about Windows settings

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