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Mz Cpu Accelerator

Optimize the use of your computer resources and dedicate resources to active software

Even with dual or quad core, the processor is only one, and accounting for all the tasks required by the PC is not always easy task for it. The situation becomes even more complicated when the computer is not of the latest generation and has outdated hardware.

The Mz CPU Accelerator does everything possible to minimize this problem. The application manages the computer’s resources and concentrates the power of the processor in the active application at that moment, decreasing the performance of all the others.

On the home screen, the application receiving priority at that time is identified, and the percentage of processor utilization is also displayed. In addition, you can read data on the equipment, such as speed and number of cores, in addition to the total number of programs configured for acceleration.

To activate the acceleration, simply click the “Activate” button. By default, the application will always give higher priority to the program being used by the user. In the “Options” button, you can configure the priority intensity, as well as the way the program is executed and the search for updates.

Independent cores

The Mz CPU Accelerator also allows the user to configure the cores of their processor independently, so that only one of them works on one process, while another performs another task. The option, of course, works only on dual-core or quad-core devices, for example.

For better visualization of the option it is necessary that the user is the administrator of the machine. By clicking “Add new process”, a new window is displayed with all the processes executed at that moment and which cores are being used by each of them. Just select any option and uncheck the boxes on the left side however you want.

Full and continuous control

In the “Exclusions” tab, you can configure some applications that will not receive processor priority when executed. Windows Media Player is already configured this way by default, as users typically listen to music while performing other tasks, thus avoiding the need for acceleration for the player.

The Mz CPU Accelerator runs from the Notification Area and displays full processor utilization at all times. This way, the user can better observe the behavior of his machine and optimize the use of the program.

The application has a wide variety of skins to match the user theme, and is available in two languages: English and Greek.

Our opinion about Mz Cpu Accelerator

With a very simple interface, the Mz Cpu Accelerator has no secrets to be unveiled and therefore is an easy application to use. Its features stand out because they allow the advanced control of the hardware resources of a computer to be something easy to define.

This simplicity is very important for those who have PCs with limited resources and need to use software that consumes a lot of the processor. The extensive control is also useful because it can be specific, that is, you choose quickly and without difficulty which processes should be focused by the CPU.

The great absence felt, however, is that of a method that would allow continuous optimization for a particular application. Whenever the computer restarts, you must activate the program features. Other than that, everything works perfectly and the application did not show flaws during the tests performed.

Pros & Cons


  • Optimizes processor features
  • Use and simple settings
  • Allows constant user monitoring


  • Does not allow you to configure specific programs to receive acceleration

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