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Ainvo Memory Cleaner

Clean previously occupied addresses in RAM and increase computer performance

Ainvo Memory Cleaner is a program used to clean memory addresses that are no longer being used by the computer in order to make it more efficient. This is a very important task, because as you close applications on the machine, they sometimes continue to take their place in RAM.

Why clear the memory?

RAM has an indirect influence on the performance speed of the processor. It does not make it faster, however, the processor looks for instructions previously stored on it for faster execution of open programs.

Therefore, if this information can not be stored in RAM due to lack of space, it is transferred to the hard disk or other storage unit (such as CD, Zip disk, pendrive, etc.), taking more time.

How the application works

The program operates from a single window, and on the screen there is only the command to perform the procedure of cleaning the memory addresses. The first thing to do is click on “Start”. Once this is done, the program automatically starts the operation and its progress can be monitored in real time, through the progress bar displayed in the application interface.

Cleaning may take several minutes to complete, varying depending on the amount of RAM present on the computer. At the end of this process, the application has completed the function of releasing the available addresses.

Our opinion about Ainvo Memory Cleaner

Ainvo Memory Cleaner is a tool that helps in a vital task for the proper functioning of the computer: cleaning RAM. The program only performs the main function for which it was developed. Since it basically counts with a button on the interface, its use is extremely simple and intuitive.

The application works the right way, without errors, crashes or any other problems. If you are looking for a simple program just for clearing the previously occupied addresses, surely it can be a great option.


  • Friendly interface
  • Perform your function in just one click


  • Few resources

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