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New version of one of the best programs to keep your computer clean and optimized

SlimCleaner has just earned its fourth stable release, which comes with new visual details and improved features.

There are even some news that will make its use much more recommended for people with all levels of need for cleaning and optimization.

Its new version presents a system of defragmentation of disk much more agile and intelligent, system to update the applications already installed in his machine, search of duplicated files, among others. The interface remained almost the same as previous versions except for the new background color of the side menu.

In addition to the new features, you will find in the new SlimCleaner the same organized structure and full of extra applications, capable of allowing broad control when it comes to cleaning the system. But not only removes this software, also able to improve the use of computer hardware resources.

Protection and cleaning

SlimCleaner is also able to protect your system, taking advantage of your searches to find files identified as malware. Along with the search for malicious software, this program makes deep sweeps in browsers, miscellaneous applications, Windows registry and system folders in search of dirt.

The cleanup, however, is done intelligently and has a special feature for removing content generated by internet browsers. The program is able to identify files that contain login data from popular sites, thus preventing you from having the job of populating everything again.

Full optimization

The SlimCleaner optimization guide brings together a Windows-initiated application manager, which can be removed to make this process more agile. In addition, there is a service manager for you to disable or shut down live programs directly.

Both categories have an interactive evaluation system. You can sort the program, whether it is good, optional or unwanted, and send this information to the web. This contributes to an overall assessment of such an item, assisting the entire SlimCleaner user community

Software control

SlimCleaner also serves for complete control of programs installed on your machine. In addition to the traditional tool for uninstalling software, which also removes all the “dirt” left by them, the application still offers a system that seeks to update installed programs.


No matter if it is a hard drive inside the case, external HD or pendrive, the SlimCleaner is able to work with all of them in a broad way. It is possible to defragment, destroy data completely or even find duplicate files. You can also get an overview of the system by means of a summary.

Windows Tools

This software also offers a specific guide for analysis and control of the operating system. Device manager, system information and properties, PC management, monitor services, registry editor, central security, system restore and much more can be found in this section of SlimCleaner.


The “Hijack log” section is responsible for issuing general reports on various aspects of the system, such as applications started with Windows, toolbars, plugins and more. You can select everything that should or should not be in the final file.

Our Opinion on SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner was able to further enhance something that was already good. With some visual touch-ups that do not take away the program’s identity, but show that this is a new version, and a host of enhanced features, it fits into the fight at the top of the list of top cleaners and optimizers on the market.

The organization of all its features remains practically the same, something really useful, as this is one of the main features of SlimCleaner. New details, ensuring complete control over disks, operating system and its main sections are also worth highlighting.

Perhaps the main new function is the one that allows greater control over the software installed in the machine, guaranteeing a direct channel so that you keep everything always up to date. However, there is not yet a translation into other languages, the only point that really leaves something to be desired.


  • Cleans and increases machine performance
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Various use options


  • Has some slowness from time to time

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