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Wise PC 1stAid

Utility that easily repairs the most common errors found on your PC

No matter how experienced you are at performing maintenance on your computer: there will always be system errors that you do not know where they came from and how to fix them.

The PC gets too slow, some web pages do not load, the icons on your desktop are not displayed correctly, and other unexplained problems begin to appear after a certain amount of time.

It was to resolve these moments in a simple and straightforward way that WiseCleaner created the Wise PC 1stAid, a utility capable of quickly fixing the most common errors found in the Windows operating system. The differential of the tool is its way of doing the maintenance: instead of simply displaying a series of functions, the application presents “symptoms” of failures and a quick explanation of what causes such misfortune.

A Real Virtual Specialist

Wise PC 1stAid is completely free and its installation is quite simple. When opening it for the first time, note that the problems are represented by small squares with an example image of the error handled. It is possible to solve problems of speed, high memory consumption, slowness in browsers and error windows that prevent you from opening functions of the operating system (like the Windows task manager and registry).

When selecting an error, you can read about its possible causes, return to the main menu (“Back to Main”) or fix it effectively (“Fix Now”). In the latter case, be aware: some Wise PC 1stAid methods can be quite aggressive and involve heavy modifications to your system. A pop-up window will always ask you to confirm the action before it actually takes effect. Wait for the maintenance process and check the results report that the software will present.

A little extra help

But the most interesting feature of Wise PC 1stAid is really free, unlimited technical support for users who can not solve their problems through traditional application functions. By clicking the “Seek Answers” button, you can submit a form describing your question to the WiseCleaner team of experts.

After analyzing your information, such professionals can send messages to your email address with tips and guides so you can do maintenance more intuitively.

Our Opinion on Wise PC 1stAid

The idea behind the Wise PC 1stAid is to make system maintenance programs even easier, making this task even more intuitive for those who do not have an in-depth knowledge of computers. Observing its objective and friendly interface, we can say that the premise was well executed. Solving problems on your computer through the application is an overly simple task: just choose one of the common errors and click a button. Ready.

The Wise PC 1stAid also delights in efficiency. During our tests, the utility managed to free up more than 300 MB of RAM and perform real miracles on the performance of our machine, which was somewhat slow and full of crashes.

Still, it’s worth checking out and trying out the application: it really has the potential to leave your old computer as if it were new.

Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Totally free and with unlimited support
  • Attractive and friendly interface
  • Impressive performance when it comes to improving PC performance


  • Do not found

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