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Anvi Startup Booster

Within a few clicks you make simple changes in Windows to speed up the initial system boot

Anvi Startup Booster is a program that specializes in speeding up Windows startup through simple settings.

What it does, in fact, is to make some changes simpler so that fewer things are carried along with the system in order to make this process more agile.

It offers three types of service, two for removing startup items and one for restoring initial settings. So you can even do tests, and if you face any problem, just undo your changes. In addition, the program shows a preview of how much time you should earn at the initial boot after the changes.

They are simple options, but they can be very effective when used. All offered in a simple and free way, serving as another alternative for those who always want more speed to start your computer.

Anvi Startup Booster organizes all its content into four main tabs:

  • Home – Gathers menus to disable programs started with Windows, optimize services, and perform network and system settings, all to make PC startup as smooth as possible. Here, just click on the items that you want to disable and ready;
  • Startup – Provides more detailed information about each item that starts with Windows, and if you are in doubt, check the deactivation rate of each item (the larger it is, the more advisable to disable it), always observing if you open a program automatically with the Windows is useful for you or not;
  • Services – All services running on Windows are currently listed here, allowing any of them to be disabled at any time to improve overall machine performance;
  • Restore – If you have any problems when you disable an item from Anvi Startup Booster, do not worry: in this guide, you can reactivate everything and return it to your computer.

Winning a few seconds

When you redo the settings on the “Home” tab, you must click “Boost” for them to be applied. At the end of this process, a number appears on the screen, representing the number of seconds that should be saved from now on during system startup.

Our opinion about Anvi Startup Booster

Anvi Startup Booster presents itself as a great option for those who think that the PC boot is slow and wants to do something about it. Beginning with the modern look, the program also stands out for being lightweight, very well organized and easy to use, even without being all translated into English.

The tools here are efficient in giving you control over several simple aspects of the system, but that directly influence boot time. This is very much in favor of Anvi Startup Booster, since it facilitates the use and presents sensitive results for the user.

Visually, this application leaves nothing to be desired, with a beautiful combination of colors and a nothing messy interface. Anyway, whoever is behind something to manage the startup of programs with the system, but does not want much work, has in Anvi Startup Booster an excellent option.


  • Modern and well-organized interface
  • Efficient tools


  • Do not found

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